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We offer a range of services including website design, hosting and graphic design. For more details, please visit our Services page or contact us for a quote.

Most of our sites are designed using WordPress (used by  nearly a quarter of all sites across the internet) when used correctly WordPress is a fantastically powerful tool and a very user friendly CMS (Content Management System)we have been using WordPress to develop sites for the last 8 years.

We are devoted to great code and great looking design. We believe that design should be simple yet elegant. We have a passion for typography, moving image and photography. To see some of our previous projects, please take a look at our portfolio.

8 Ways so share your post on social media

When you publish a new blog post how do you get the word out?  Do you manually go to several different social networks and share your post?  Or do you let a WordPress plugin or Web service do the work for you? Sharing manually is nice because you can add a personal touch to each […]

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Is one of the passwords on this list yours

If it is please Change It Immediately. if your your using your first pets name the street where you were born on or the name on your first school as your password then please stop take a look at our guid on strong passwords and what you should be doing.

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Why you should keep your WordPress site up to date.

Once you’ve built your WordPress site even if you make some alterations its going to hold most of its value hopefully for a few years but once you’ve built your site or had it built for you why would you want to update your site well there are a number of reasons including security and […]

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Typography and Email design

I have had many people ask me about setting certain beautifully artistic fonts in email designs and my reply has often been you have a limited pool of fonts that can be used with emails

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