is sqaure spaces logo creator going to put designers out of a job

is the squarespace logo creator going to put designers out of business

I don’t think this is  going to be the the case however it does mean  that some people will have access to logo  design cheaply  yes it does mean that there will be less logo creation projects out there but in all fairness the sort of people that want a logo  of the style designed  by  the logo creator aren’t  relay  going to  pay  a large amount of money for logos.

I personally design  bespoke logos starting  from £50 because of the time and effort it  can take to get some thing right for a client  however with a tool like the logo creator it  puts  this in the hands of novices who wont know much about logo design so I believe  design quality of these will be a pretty mixed bag.

I’ve tried the service my self and the results although good looking are  going  to start to look samey after awhile with only 31 images available  there is only  so many combinations that can be made  before these start to  l0ok mass produced so for a small business just starting out then yes this is a great tool as they may not have the money to spend on a designer to be honest  i cant  see a big company  using such a tool as it does not  provide  the options for a truly unique product .

On top of this squarespace  are not the first  company to offer such  a service online  all  you have to  do is  type logo creator into  google  to  see the results that it produces are  just mind bogling

with the way things  have  developing over the last  few years  with the automation of  web design with companies like squarespace I believe this is just a natural progression so at the end of this I believe that no this will not  put designers out of jobs it will just give  people who want a simple logo with a predefined shape or image the opportunity to  have a logo and lets face it were these sort of people really  going  want to pay over the odds for a logo.

they are  going to be the sort of clients that  want to cut corners and get there product under a reasonable costs for the hours of work  you have put in or there going to be the small cottage industry business that would not have been able to afford a graphic  designer to design them a bespoke logo any way.

so I say that this service is good  for the fact that it will weed  out the client  that wouldn’t be worth working for in the first place this being said if any body would like a bespoke logo this is a service that is available via rgbdesignuk if  you would like to ask about these services please send us a message  via the contact page if you don’t  please by all means try out  the square space logo creator and many of the alternatives available out there on the web for your self .

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